I just made it out of art school
and received my Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste and whatever I am doing now with it, let's find out together on this page or elsewhere. 


The average attention span of a competent adult expires here,  you are entering a whole other level while you are reading this.

But most likely you won’t have much time anyways, so go and have a look at my work.

The one and only official presence on the web of Joëlle Bischof and this nice little text including work titles such as Neonschwarm, UltraviolettAm Rande des TellersAls Stück MusikTextstreich, Version of lines and some more words about, contact and Instagram that are actually just standing in line to get to the point, first of all the home button.

Joëlle Bischof : artist, poetry, visual communication